What's New in OctopusBI

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Dashboard Marketplace

Connect with other education institutes and the OctopusBI team in a common Marketplace within OctopusBI to access a repository of pre-built templates to visualize your institute's data. Each template is customizable once downloaded into your institute’s environment. You also have the option to share templates of dashboards that your institute has created with other institutes via the Marketplace.

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Smart Alerts

OctopusBI now has the functionality to set alerts that enable meaningful monitoring of your institute’s ecosystem. You can create trigger points so you are automatically alerted of irregularities and patterns in a student’s grades, attendance, overall well-being and much more.

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Data Connectors

We have now established partnerships with learning management systems, school management systems and other applications in order to seamlessly integrate with your environment using application specific data connectors. OctopusBI now allows you to use your existing credentials to retrieve data directly from your institute's data sources.

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Data Lab

At OctopusBI we understand that your institute’s data are structured in unique ways. Our improved data lab contains a User Interface and a SQL Editor so you are able to read the structure of your data better and make changes to a template downloaded from the Marketplace. This offers you more flexibility in using Octopus-BI and achieve the right fit for your environment.

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