Data lab

Imagine if data analytics were as simple as connecting to a data source and downloading a dashboard? OctopusBI makes it that easy. We are excited to introduce you to our very own Data Lab inside OctopusBI. Every education institution has their own unique way of structuring their data and it sounds like a far fetched dream to just simply use a generic template for analysis. You now can use our in-built SQL editor to make our dashboard templates easily compatible with your complex data structures. You can also cleanse, blend and model your data within OctopusBI itself.


SQL Editor

Build relationships between your unique data models and our dashboard templates for quick and improved data analytics.

Data Cleansing

Cleanse your data to achieve complete compatibility between all your datasets.

Data Blending

Combine different datasets to achieve better insights for all your data.

Data Modelling

Model your datasets to your criteria in order to achieve a structured database.

Request a Demo

Contact us to get a demo of OctopusBI to identify ways you can convert education data into insights.