Dashboard Marketplace

Connect with other education institutes and the OctopusBI team in a common Marketplace within OctopusBI to access a repository of pre-built templates to visualize all your data.

Smart Alerts

OctopusBI now has the functionality to set alerts that enable meaningful monitoring of your institute's ecosystem.

Data Connectors

We have now established partnerships with learning management systems, school management systems and other applications to integrate with your environment.

Data Lab

Our improved data lab is equipped with a SQL editor and a new user interface to Cleanse, Blend and Model all your data into a consistent and organized structure.

SQL Editor

Build relationships between your unique data models and our dashboard templates for quick and improved data analytics.

Data Cleansing

Cleanse your data to achieve complete compatibility between all your datasets.

Data Blending

Combine different datasets to achieve better insights for all your data.

Data Modelling

Model your datasets to your criteria in order to achieve a structured database.

Chart Designer

Design and personalize your charts using our charts repository to best visualize your data.

Coming Soon

Request a Demo

Contact us to get a demo of OctopusBI to identify ways you can convert education data into insights.