About us

Our Story

OctopusBI is fuelled by one goal – to inspire students to reach their highest potential. To accomplish that, we empower schools with education analytics that enable educators to make the right decisions to steer their students’ academic and personal success. Our solutions aim to empower school decision-makers with the data they need to make smarter, better decisions so that they can create positive, progressive change.

We envision a new generation of global education, powered by a new type of learning institutions. These institutions possess invaluable insight into its students and operations. They are able to make intelligent predictions on the possible success or failure of a student, and in the case of the latter, prescribe early-intervention measures to turn the student’s life and career around. They are able to pinpoint operational aspects that are a monetary or resource drain on school funds and empower administrative officials to take preventative and corrective steps.

In short, we are looking at a new generation of school where education is made more intelligent.

Ayra Analytics comprises a diverse team of thought leaders, education professionals, innovation specialists, business analysts, and software engineers who have combined their strengths in order to create positive, meaningful change in global education sector.

We do that by leveraging the infinite power and potential of education analytics to turn schools into insight-driven institutions that herald a new era of education.

Our Vision

“To become the world leader in education analytics and create a world full of smart people.”

Our Mission

“To create a world where every child has the opportunity to achieve their fullest potential”

A word from our CEO

After spending my entire working career in K-12 education space, I realized that many challenges that are faced by the education industry can be overcome through data analytics.

My true inspiration to create an education data analytics company happened with the birth of my son. I only wanted what’s best for him.

I believe in a world where every child needs to have the opportunity to achieve their full potential. I believe that we all need to contribute in any way that we can, to make such a world a reality.

My vision is for OctopusBI to be a leader in education analytics and help build a world where people are encouraged to learn more and continuously strive at being better versions of themselves.

Hansa Wijayasundara